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Heyer! My name is Beyer. I'm kind of inactive on this website.

The internet is a medium I use in order to forget my real life problems.

My hobbies include playing games, existing in fandoms, tweeting, and singing

Favorite fictional characters have a very special place in my heart

Some things I'm into include
  • Steven Universe
  • Gravity Falls
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Pokemon
  • Mother 3
  • Free!
  • A bunch of other anime

icon by pastel-chuu
tumblr reticentennial
*Takes a deep breath and exhales*

Okay, so... how exactly do I start this journal? Maybe, I could utilize the skills I've gained through journalism class. Maybe, I'll make this into somewhat a feature story about my boring life Digging for gold 

First of all, what happened to my life within these past few years? This is a question that I'm not expecting anyone to ask XD Eyepopping This is also a question I, myself, can and cannot answer.

2013 was the year where I had to fit in to the new stuff: new school, new friends, new schoolwork, new everything (Okay, maybe 'everything' is an exaggeration in that statement. But everything is an exaggeration nowadays (Just kidding))
It was the year I met you guys, friends whom I regard as people I will surely remember. In 10 years, I will probably look back and say, People whom I've become friends with through the internet are so cool. They have helped me go through the toughest of times, and made me laugh much more that my normal laughing capacity was.

All I could say is, thank you. I really appreciate the things you've done, and I'll keep it dear to my heart.

Then came 2014 - it felt like a few weeks ago (that's because it was a few weeks ago, Bea)

On the side note, were you guys informed that my name was Bea? Or I just forgot that I did mention it once or twice...?

2014 was a bad-good year for me. I finally began to face teenage struggles. I finally began to know what real fear and happiness look like. I finally began to cope up with stress. 

So far, this school year has been an amazing ride. I've never been in a really awesome class, until now. I really regretted thinking that my classmates were boring at first (gosh darn, younger Bea. Why did "people you don't know because you haven't been in a class with them" equate to "boring" in your previous standards???) when in fact, they are wonderful individuals with unique traits that makes them Tatak-Zea.

I hope the people I've grown attached to this school year will still be my friends next year, and the year after that, and the year after that...

Also, my personality has changed greatly: Now, I'm friendlier, I guess? I mean, so friendly to the extent that I can talk freely with others, even though I'm not close to them (but I do it with respect, not to the point where I disrespect them (unlike other people...))
Not only that, though; Before, I really, really, had trouble when it came to school in general. I'm not saying that I don't have problems with schoolwork right now (because in all honesty, every school related work is an actual hassle), but what I'm saying is, I'm learning to cope up with the stress it gives by relaxing more and spending times with friends.

Other than that, I have 3 words: Legend of Korra. Now, I can't begin to elaborate how the Avatar franchise (particularly and especially, Legend of Korra) helped me become a better person; elaborating will take me hours and hours of explaining and fangirling to almost everything about it. :squee:  So maybe I'll talk about that in a later journal.

And I just realized something - this journal is lengthy. Darn, I really am talkative. Ahahahahahahah but that's fine, I guess. Fits in with my character Just kidding. I cannot really explain who I really am in person. That sucks Disbelief 

LASTLY, I'm up for chatting/talking/conversing through PMs or comments, even, especially if you consider me as a friend. That makes my heart warmer considering that there are people who notice my existence Blush Boogie!  w00t!  Although I cannot assure you replies within a few minutes, or hours, or days, or weeks, I will really try my best to reply. I swear.

Okay, so I'm ending this without that much of a conclusion at hand. Mostly because we still have a summative test tomorrow, and periodic test scores are out so it's going to be a pretty busy week (pretty busy year, if I say so). 

Hi! Bye, for now!
Headbang!  Keep on rockin.

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